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Commercial/Residential Cleaning
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Commercial & Residential Cleaning

Need a one time clean or scheduled cleaning at your home/office? Maybe a commercial or residential tenant moved out and you need to prepare for a new renter.

Eco Friendly Options Available

We have “green cleaning” options that utilize hydrogen peroxide to oxidize grease, grime, and dirt while destroying odors.

No Contracts Required

Need a one time clean or some basic help around the home or office? We offer a variety of cleaning options for home and office. 

Bonded & Fully Insured

Restore First is bonded and insured for all of our clients job, large or small. If you require a COA please let us know.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team will do their best to provide the best service and support we can. If you have any issues please let us know!

Other Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

We have a local partner that can come and make your carpets clean and fresh. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Window Cleaning

We can clean the inside and outside  of your windows at your home with eco-friendly cleaning agents.


Need to have your rental prepped and ready for your next guest? Dishes, linens, vacuuming and more…

Laundry Services

Or team can do laundry at your home or we can pick it up. We also have a local partner for all of your commercial laundry needs.

Trash Removal

We can cleanup and remove a small or medium sized load from your home or office. We also have local partners we can send in for larger jobs.

Dish Washing

Had a long week and need some help with the dishes? Maybe you had a party and need some help getting everything back in order, We can do that!

Move In & Out Cleaning

Preparing for a new tenant to move in and need a good cleaning? Maybe you have a renter that moved out and need things looking fresh, we can do that!

Bathroom Cleaning

Our cleaners will bring all cleaning materials to complete the job. They are very thorough and will leave your bathroom as clean as new.

Appliance Deep Clean

Having your appliances cleaned on a regular basis the main step which can prevent your appliances from breaking down and needing replaced.