Vacuum Repair & Service

Looking for a local place in the Baltimore area to have your your out of warranty commercial or home vacuum maintained, serviced or repaired? Maybe you have a few commercial machines that need maintenance.



Home Vacuum Repairs

Maybe you need a belt replaced or the vacuum cleaned, Restore First is here to help! We service all makes and models and can replace most parts if needed.


  • Quick Service (part install) – $35
  • Power cable Installation (plus part)- $35
  • Physical Cleaning of Vacuum (outside) – $35
  • Troubleshooting (plus parts) – $69
  • Deep Unclogging – $69
  • Full cleaning (inside and out) – $69
  • Service fee is charged at drop-off.

Commercial Vacuum Repairs

We will need the make and model number along with what service needs to be performed on your equipment. Remove attachments unless they need to be serviced or are part of the system.


  • Commercial Service Basic Service – $99
  • Larger Dyson and Kirby Commercial– $149
  • All parts that are replaced are an additional cost
  • Please make sure to remove the vacuum bag before service
  • Service fee is charged at drop-off.

Maintenance Plans

Keep you equipment maintained and in good working order. When a belt breaks or the vacuum isn’t picking up properly that can delay any cleanup you are trying to perform. Restore First can help with preventative maintenance and regular cleaning.


  • Replace worn belts and brushes
  • Check equipment for any physical damage
  • Replace vacuum bag and check hoses
  • Check power cord for exposed wire or missing ground
  • Service is discounted with maintenance agreements
  • Quarterly, every 6 months or whatever you require